I teach three classes that go from kicking butt to shaking your "booty". The range, including Forza (which uses a Bokken, a wooden sword, that I supply), may seem odd to some, but not to me.  I think being a woman is about having the strength and fortitude to be far reaching and covering lots of ground. Doing the unexpected and doing it well. Below is a breakdown of the classes I teach:

Kick Boxing
Awesome, butt kicking HIGH intensity cardio workout for the fighter in us all!  Jab, cross, hook and uppercuts to heart pumping music.  In addition to punching sequences, we add series of kicks, squats and lunge drills to burn those calories!  We'll also focus on proper form and techniques that hail from authentic martial arts movement.  This class is geared to get your heart rate up but also to focus your mind to execute the routines properly.

Flirty Girl Fitness' Booty Beat
The Flirty Girl Fitness program, Booty Beat, is an outrageously fun way to get comfortable in your skin and get a great workout. It mixes choreographed dance moves, cardio, and strength based exercises with a modern flare for the FAB woman in all of us.  If you’ve seen the videos of people taking this class, it is TOTALLY as fun as it looks.  The moves are easy to learn, easy to remember, and tons of fun. After taking this class, you’ll be a bit more “flirty” before you know it!

Forza by Powerstrike
Forza offers a full body cardio and strength workout, it's low impact, and really teaches you to quiet the mind.  This is my "Cardio Zen" - through a series of cuts, squats and lunges we'll artfully burn up to 450 calories and sculpt muscles from top to bottom!  This is where you have to turn the brain off and focus on the movements to get the routine.  This class can be more Martial Arts focused at first but is quite beautiful and graceful.