About Stella

I am an urban warrior mother of one! In addition to my day job, I am embarking on a personal venture - Teaching group fitness classes. It all started after I gave birth to my wonderful daughter. After living through the early years of no time, no sleep, and no taking care of myself (since the baby was all I thought about), I decided to get back to the gym and get back into shape.

Instead of going back to the "cheap" gym to which I used to be a member, I convinced my husband that I deserved to go to Equinox so I could both get back in shape (something he would like) and pamper myself a little (something I would like). To my surprise, my usually frugal husband told me to pick the gym I liked best and not to worry about the cost.

At Equinox I fell in love with Forza. After four years of taking the class, I decided I wanted to teach it. It took a little while to get the courage to stand up in front of a group of friends and strangers and "risk it all" (OK, not all, but at least material embarrassment). But my husband told me to go for it if I wanted it. I'm not sure if he was truly altruistic in his support, since he keeps referring to me as his hard body, gym bunny wife. I guess I'm OK with that, because it's true!

Along with Forza, I really liked kickboxing as a base from which to spin off and have some fun. So I learned to teach Forza and kickboxing.  I was drawn to FlirtyGirl because (along with my other programs) it is a "judgement free" zone that I can set up for my students where they can get fit and leave the daily grind outside for an hour.

When all is said and done, I encourage participants to come alone or bring a couple of friends! This is my chance to share and give back to the world what I was lucky to have experienced.

I currently hold the following certifications:
* Group Fitness / AFAA
* Kickboxing / AFAA
* FlirtyGirl Fitness Instructor
* CPR/AED/First Aid
* Personal Training / AFAA